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The video of 《The English learning in METEN》

I finished the video about online courses and the teacher whose name is George.

And OK… l admit that this video looks like an  advertisement. :)



The contents of this video are below.


Hello, every body. In this video, I want to talk about the English learning in METEN.

About one year ago, I spent my savings of two years on the English Training.

The purpose of it was to find a shortcut to success.

Because in my practical life, I found it’s so difficult to improve the professional skills to a very high level.

But if I can speak fluent English, it is very easy to find a very good job.

And after one year of study in METEN,I got the job I wanted, made friends with many students and foreign teachers.I felt very happy when I was having the courses.

METEN has many different types of courses,for example the private course,active course,social talking,conversation,movie appreciation and online course.

I think all these courses are pretty good,especially the online courses.Because most of us are the office workers,we have full-time jobs, often work overtime, and on business trips, we couldn’t go to METEN to attend the courses on time.

so the online courses seemd good! I can book them anywhere,quit them before 1 hour,attend them anywhere,what I need is just a laptop which can surf on the Internet.It’s very convenient!

And most of the teachers I’ve met online are good for me.The teacher who impressed me most is George,he is different with other foreign teachers.When I had the online courses,most of other foreign teachers just waited for us to raise hands and answer the questions,if there are not enough M3+ students,we will keep silence. That’s totally waste of time.

But George is different! If you attend his courses more than two times,he can remember your name,and he will send you a private message to say hello,that really makes us happy and comfortable.

And he is very powerful, always encourage us to say something, I still remember that on one course he was shouting at us,”Come on! You can do this!” “Talk to me!” . Don’t think this is just funny! Because most of the Chinese students are very shy! The need encouragement and praise.By this way they can learn English more quickly.

So I think George found the best way to teach Chinese students.I hope I can meet him in reality.not just online.

In conclusion I’d like to say that METEN is good! It will be very happy to learn English in METEN. And you will make big progress on spoken English.



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