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How to fix the issue about the failure of Microsoft Exchange Server Autodiscover

Actually it’s very easy.

1. Do a simple test for autodiscover on this page:
Chose “Office365” – “Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Connectivity Tests” – “Exchange ActiveSync Autodiscover” – “Next
Input “E-mail address“, “Microsoft Online logon ID(Same as E-mail address) and “Password” – “Perform Test

2. Then you can see the details of the failure in the steps.

3. Mostly they’re caused by a CNAME issue, if so, just create a CNAME (if your email domain is, then point it to

4. Test again, it should be OK if the CNAME works.

5. BTW, if you have a own Exchange server and not use Office365, you should point the CNAME to your own Exchange server’s address.

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