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The most wonderful way to access Facebook from China

Woo! I found the most wonderful way to access Facebook from China! It's totally free! No VPN, no web-based proxy and no software. Just need to configure your computer by two steps.

1. Configure the hosts file: /etc/hosts (Mac OS X) or C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts (Windows) by following the ""

2. Login Facebook via https "" then enable the "Secure Browsing" on "".

Then you can enjoy the facebook!


PS: Here are the details of step 1 on Mac OS X, it's a little bit difficult than Windows:

Open "Terminal"
Input "sudo -i"
Input your own password again
Input "vi /etc/hosts"
Input "i"
Copy from ""
Press button "ESC"
Input ":wq!" 

This is just a backup, if the latest hosts cannot work, use the below instead.

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