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The Business Trip to Beijing

In this article, I want to talk about the business trip to Beijing.

Because I have never been to Beijing, so when I knew I would go to Beijing on business, I felt so happy and a little excited. I phoned my GF and mom, told them that.

At the same time, I sent the message to all my e-friends on the QQ group which has many people with the same professional skills. Most of them work in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai. When they heard that I would go to Beijing and hoped to get together with them, they were also happy. Think about that, we chat with each other every day, but we never met each other before. This is a good chance to do that!

When I arrived at the airport, I chose a seat near the window, to watch the beautiful sea of clouds during the journey in two hours. Unfortunately, after the airplane crossed the clouds, the sunshine was so strong that I couldn’t open my eyes, let alone enjoyed the scenery.

Forty minutes later, the sunshine became softer, and then I could enjoy them. But to be honest, there weren’t much beautiful scenery along the way. The only scenery I thought was cool is a wide physiognomy of hills. They are really wide, large, and special. The tops of them are connected, and very flat. Like a big pancake with many scars, if there aren’t these scars, it can be a natural super airport!

Finally when I arrived at the Nanyuan Airport, I was surprised. It’s too small! Only as big as a bus station! When I left the Airport I saw many old houses on the way to Chinaunicom. Those made me felt like I was in hometown, not in Beijing. And the environment near the Chinaunicom is really bad. All the buildings just have 2-3 floors, and they are so old. We saw many advertisements about the box lunch, “Only 5 Yuan!” so I can’t believe that that's Beijing, and near the Third Ring Road.

Later, after two days busy working I had some free time. So I called all the e-friends to get together. When we met each other, we didn’t feel embarrassed. We enjoyed the food and our table talk, which really made me fell so good! After the dinner they drove me home, and said I lived in the poorest area of Beijing, all the buildings will be removed. At that time I knew why they're so bad like that.

On the last two days I found time to visit the Bird's Nest, Water Cube and the Tiananmen Square. I didn’t visit The Imperial Palace, The Great Wall etc. because I haven’t enough time. But I will visit all of them next time.

Overall, this trip is good! It’s very happy to get together with e-friends. The Bird's Nest and Water Cube are wonderful. See you next time, Beijing.

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